About Us

TYPOTECH IMAGING SYSTEMS LTD was incorporated in December 1997 and started by offering consultancy services on production, equipment and workflow needs to the printing, publishing and packaging industries in late 1998.  In 1999, we commenced supplying pre-press, press and post-press consumables, equipment and workflow solutions.

Our ever growing product portfolio currently consists of:
  1. Pre-press, Press and Post-press equipment
  2. Pre-press, Press and Post-press consumables
  3. Sublimation Printing Technology
  4. Technical Support
WE ARE THE SOLE DISTRIBUTORS FOR KODAK GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS GROUP IN EASTERN AFRICA (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia) and expanding further into the region. We also represent other renowed international suppliers: Huber Printing Chemicals, Colograf, Ronald Weboffset Pvt, Gammerler GmbH.
  • Alfred Kandarah – Managing Director
  • Carol Kandarah – Operations Director 
  • Felix Kikanga –  Finance Manager
  • Cajetan Amimo – Country Manager, Uganda
  • Mengistu Wata - Business Development Manager, Eastern Africa
  • Paul Pambo – Technical Service Manager, Kenya
  • Damaris Mukulu –  Customer Service & Marketing Manager


  1. Customer focus
  2. Reliability
  3. Teamwork
  4. Innovative
  5. Empowerment

VISION: To be the undisputed market leader in the provision of imaging solutions that unleash the power of images, information and printing.

We offer the following types of products:
  • Prepress Equipment
  • Prepress Consumables
  • Press Equipment
  • Press Consumables
  • Postpress Equipment
  • Postpress Consumables
  • Technical Support
  • Sublimation Printing Technology
We believe that our customers are the reason we exist and our solutions are geared towards guaranteeing stability and consistency in the printing process. Our customer base spreads across the region we currently operate in and includes Multinational Corporations, Government and Learning institutions, Local Companies and Individually run businesses.

We strive not only to met the varied requirements of our unique customers but to also anticipate their future needs; always offering them state of the art solutions that allows them to stay that one step ahead in their field.