International Organization for Standardization.

Typotech Imaging Systems Ltd is a supplier of prepress, press and postpress equipment and consumables, workflow solutions and technical support. We are the sole distributor for the Kodak Graphic Communications Group in Eastern Africa as well as other major manufacturers of press and postpress equipment and consumables. We are committed to providing high quality goods and services to our esteemed customers at all levels.
Quality Objectives
  1. Typotech will operate and continually improve a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.
  2. Typotech will meet customers’ requirements through effective and efficient provisions of quality products and services that ensure print stability and consistency.
  3. Typotech will establish and adopt state of the art technological solutions that enhance our customers’ satisfaction.
  4. Typotech will train employees to enable them to give quality solutions and understand the company’s policies and procedures to enhance service delivery.
  5. Typotech will comply with legal requirements.
The Quality Policy provides a framework for establishing our Quality Objectives. This Quality Policy shall be displayed in this company, communicated to and understood by all employees and those working on behalf of the organisation through various formal and informal channels. This Policy shall be reviewed twice a year for continual suitability.
We are committed to safeguard and protect the environment and natural resources through responsible management and operational controls. We are committed to and continually endeavour to reduce waste by careful planning and control of our processes and foster continual improvements by developing responsible standards. Disposal of waste and effluent is carefully monitored and ensuring no emissions to save our environment from unnecessary pollution. We shall train and motivate all our employees to regard the environment as everyone’s responsibility and therefore an important element of our organisation’s activities and operations. We are committed to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements. We shall review our environmental objectives and targets at least twice a year for continual suitability. The Environmental policy will be communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation.

ISO 9001 2008 Certificate

ISO 14001 2004 Certificate