Finishing Equipment.

Hohner Postpress
Economy 25/40
The Knocker

This single head wire stitching machine offers:
The perfect solution for standard and loop stitching of pads and brochures
Robust construction
Easily adjustable table from saddle for brochures, to flat for pads  
Maximum stitching speed: 203 staples per minute
Table size : 700 x 240 mm
Hohner patented cutting system for optimum wire feed, even for thicker products (Computer and Digital printing)
Optional, quickly exchangeable conversion parts for loop stitching
High-Speed Cutter

The origin of our company dates back to 1896 when the first paper cutting machines were designed and built in Bautzen. Since this time, we have been market leaders in the cutting machine sector. The high-speed cutters we have designed belong to a new, innovative machine generation and are pioneering the use of modern industrial manufacturing processes and technology. At the same time, we have improved existing functions and integrated new features. Whether as standalone machines or as central components within production systems - PERFECTA high-speed cutters always are the best choice when processing paper, board, aluminium or plastic materials. With PERFECTA machines, you will always be competitive in the market place. PERFECTA high-speed cutters combine innovative technologies, solid design and high-performance electronics for one goal: Make finishing more industrial.

 e RS111  

Perfection in 3-Edge Inline Trimming - RS 111:

Precise and Reliable 3-edge Inline Trimming System

The precise trim is an important point in post press processing. For more than 30 years Gämmerler has set benchmarks in inline trimming technology and maintained its leading market position worldwide with more than 4200 installations. Modular in design, the RS 111 consists of two rotary trimmers and one bumpturn, mounted on a welded steel framework. The RS 111, which can easily be moved between production lines, takes full advantage of Gämmerler’s rotary knives with interchangeable cutting segments.